all my emotions about little plastic people right now

okay I woke up at like six AM and I was just thinking about those birds on stf

I wish that they gave them bigger roles/more forceful personalities because that’s the only reason that they aren’t that big of characters

you know??

yaaa so if I you haven’t watched the lego movie yet I command you to immediately

I mistakenly waited far too long but I’m making up for it now and it has completely taken over whatever pitiful semblance of a life I used to have

It’s beautiful and perfect and I highly recommend it and if I have any lurking followers who are into it please come into the light because all I want to dO RIGHT NOW IS TALK ABOUT IT FOREVER u__u

anyway the characters are super cute and fun to draw so here’s a mishmash of what I’ve been up to the last few days (it’s basically like the three characters I know how to draw from memory)

my squirrel boyfriend

Octonauts is gonna be hosting shark week on Disney Junior

This is something I can get behind

where are all you twigs watching friday’s ep early????




mutatorubio replied to your post: “I got a Crackle at the Disney Store today!!! They also had the little…”:


yes its so cute!!!! and honestly I think it’s the softest plush in the Disney store right now

*gross sobbing*

accidentalacidburns asked: why would you make a giant honeydew when you could have a giant watermelon?


yah I love it when things get notes when I’m gone and clog my feed for a million years

I am emerging from the woodwork simply to comment WHATNAUGHT IS THE GREATEST CHARACTER